Logo ristorante le robinie. Foto menu ristorante le robinie. Esplora i Sapori Autentici della Cucina Italiana Reinventata nel Nostro Ristorante.

The history of our


An engaging idea that evolves as the seasons pass and the times change. We transform raw materials to reflect the changing expressions, flavors and rich traditions of our land.

Straight from the heart of the province to the table, this philosophy is the essential foundation of our extraordinary experience and the cuisine we offer.

A culinary journey that branches out through the roots of tradition, embracing the essence of our land and bringing to light the diversity of flavors and pleasures it offers. Our commitment is to capture the authenticity of local products, combining creativity and artistry to present unique and unforgettable dishes.

From planting to the last touch on the table, we are dedicated to providing a culinary experience that reflects the passion and love we have for our land and the art of cooking.

Explore the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine in our restaurant.

Create unforgettable gastronomic experiences that will remain etched in your memories and accompany you through every season of life.

Raw materials sought

We devote great attention to the selection of superior raw materials and are committed to providing an authentic dining experience that celebrates local flavors.

Tradition reinvented

We reexamine traditional recipes with an innovative look, creating dishes that respect local history with a modern twist that surprises.

Territorial roots

Fabio, the chef stands out as a true craftsman of flavors, shaping each dish with creativity and passion, presenting a unique experience.

Discover our

Great flavors

Foto menu ristorante le robinie. Esplora i Sapori Autentici della Cucina Italiana Reinventata nel Nostro Ristorante.

Traditional dishes

The authentic essence of our culinary roots, where the past blends harmoniously with the present in every delicious bite.

Foto del menù del ristorante Le Robinie. Scopri i Sapori Veri della Cucina Italiana Rinnovata nel Nostro Ristorante.


Discover excellence in our risottos; flawless creations and irresistible combination of richness and delicacy that will win your every palate with refined artistry.

Fotografia del menù del ristorante Le Robinie. Esplora l'Autenticità dei Sapori della Cucina Italiana Reinventata nel Nostro Locale.

First courses

Our pasta dishes will enchant you with authentic flavors and premium ingredients, offering a culinary journey that will delight your senses and satisfy your every taste.

Immagine elenco pietanze ristorante le robinie. Assaggia i Sapori Originali della Cucina Italiana Ristrutturata nel Nostro Ristorante.

Seafood dishes

Savor the excellence of our seafood dishes, where fresh ingredients and refined preparations combine to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Foto menu ristorante le robinie. Esplora i Sapori Autentici della Cucina Italiana Reinventata nel Nostro Ristorante.


Explore the freshness and delicacy of our crudités dishes, where premium ingredients marry in a unique and irresistible balance of flavors.

Fotografia lista piatti ristorante le robinie. Assaggia i Gusti Autentici della Cucina Italiana Rimodernata presso il Nostro Ristorante.

Meat cuts

Discover excellence in our cuts of meat, where quality meets Chef’s culinary mastery, providing an unforgettable taste experience.

Immagine menù locale le robinie. Esplora i Sapori Reali della Cucina Italiana Rinnovata nel Nostro Ristorante.


Delight your palates with our handcrafted desserts, masterfully prepared by Fabio’s hands. An authentic experience, nothing packaged, just genuine and unique flavors.

Foto selezione menu le robinie. Scopri i Gusti Autentici della Cucina Italiana Trasformata presso il Nostro Ristorante.

Wine list

Explore our rich assortment in the Wine List. Each label is a journey through wine excellence, each carefully chosen to perfectly accompany your experience.

Explore a world of unique flavors

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Explore a unique dining experience by holding your event at our restaurant. Discover the authentic flavors of our artisanal cuisine and create unforgettable memories. Contact us now to plan and organize special events such as ceremonies, corporate parties, and more.

For information regarding events, organization, please contact us by email so that we can arrange a no-obligation informational interview.
For more immediate inquiries such as table availability and reservations, we recommend that you contact us by phone for a quicker response.


Explore the exclusive culinary art, where tradition and creativity come together in unique dishes.

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+39 123 45 67

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Via per Busto Arsizio 9
Solbiate Olona (VA) – 21058

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