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Our Story

Our history is a fascinating journey through time, a combination of tradition and innovation. Located within a historic 19th-century Lombard farmhouse, our location has come to life amidst the green expanses of the golf course, becoming an emblematic place where a passion for gastronomy and a love of beauty blend harmoniously.


Culinary traditions are the beating heart of our identity. We approach cooking with respect for our roots, valuing the ancient recipes that have shaped the gastronomy of our area. Each dish we prepare is a tribute to local traditions, a journey through authentic flavors that have withstood the passage of time.

authenticity with taste

Each dish is an ode to authenticity, a journey through flavors that resonate with the essence of tradition. Our cuisine embraces the freshness of local ingredients, carefully selected to ensure a first-class dining experience. In the pursuit of authenticity, we do not simply reintroduce recipes from the past, but reinvent them with creativity and skill.


Fabio Caruso

I carry my passion in my heart where I try to turn each dish into an unforgettable experience, a journey through authentic flavors and taste innovations. My inspiration springs from the richness of the traditions of local cuisine, but my creativity knows no bounds.

From Calabrian to Mediterranean, Asian to spicy, each creation on our menu tells a unique story. The amberjack tartare embodies the fusion of cultures, while the Piedmontese battuta is elevated with a delicate parmesan zabaglione. Even simplicity becomes extraordinary with anchovy, butter, and pan brioche, a reinterpretation of simplicity that knows how to surprise the palate.

Immagine elenco pietanze ristorante le robinie. Assaggia i Sapori Autentici della Cucina Italiana Innovata nel Nostro Ristorante.
Foto selezione menu le robinie. Scopri i Gusti Originali della Cucina Italiana Trasformata presso il Nostro Ristorante.

My culinary philosophy is based on authenticity and enhancement of raw materials. These characteristics are highlighted in the slow preparation of scallop with zucchini scapece or in the combination of red shrimp nacchero with black garlic. The sea urchin linguine with lemon butter encapsulates the freshness of the sea and the essence of Pantelleria.

From crispy frying to low-temperature cooking the piglet for 24 hours, each dish is a work of art combining tradition and innovation. Our menu, enhanced by artisanal desserts such as strawberry tiramisu and baba, reflects the diversity of the area and our passion for culinary excellence. Welcome to Le Robinie Restaurant, where every taste is a journey through our culinary history.

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